Rules Are Made To Be Broken!

Mas Sibert – Fosenot 2014 – Grape Opportunities

Syrah, Sangiovese, Merlot, Petit Verdot

In the small village of Fos, 15 miles from Beziers, in the commune of Faugères there is something special going on, Something that may well change the face of Languedocian wine making forever.

You’ve heard of the Super Tuscan? Well here the super Faugères is being created.

Simon and Sara owners of Mas Sibert are part of a group of trailblazing wine makers, “The Outsiders”, who are re-writing the rule book required for making wines in Faugères and other areas in the Languedoc.

Simon is very passionate about his wines and wanted to create something different using varieties of grape not common to this area. I’m pleased to report that he has succeeded in this.

I first visited Simon and Sara in the Summer of 2015. I was treated to a full tour of the converted house that also serves as his tasting room, cellar, blending and fermentation area. It’s quite something. Simon produces a number of wines,all are excellent.

Fosénot is quite unlike anything I have tried before, a beautiful ruby colour is the first thing I notice, there is almost an ethereal glow emanating from my glass, possibly a reflection of the passion Simon has for his wines.  On the nose there is dark fruit, hints of cherry and the merest whiff of tobacco. A taste reveals a light wine, with a short to medium finish, hints of thyme, vanilla, and red fruits, blending gently with a smokey edge. Truly interesting and unique and at 13.5% it’s up there with the big hitters but remains composed and well balanced. Pairing well with tomato based dishes, pasta and pizza, although it could be enjoyed as an aperitif.

Watch out for Mas Sibert and the other Outsiders – rocking the Languedoc wine scene on the 24th January 2016 at the Panacée (Montpellier).



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