Talli Ho!

Domaine Ollier Taillefer – Les Collines – Faugères- 2013 – POA

If you happened to read my last blog you will no doubt be aware of my quest to raise the profile of Faugères, one of the most interesting wine regions in the Languedoc. I am passionate about the area and about the producers who are responsible for creating some exciting wines with a wide-ranging appeal and complexity.

Domaine Ollier Taillefer, situated in the picturesque village of Fos, at an altitude of 250 meters, south facing with 35 hectares, producing wine in bottles since 1977, this Domaine is one of the longest established of the appellation. Originally producing wine under the VDQS (vin délimité de qualité supérieure) later achieving full AOC status in 1982.

The Domaine is now in the hands of Luc and Francoise Ollier, son and daughter of founders Nicole and Allain. The sibling team have pushed this traditional domaine forward, recently opening a new cellar and tasting building. Like the wines, it’s sympathetic to the environment and ecologically well thought out. Although Allain still takes a supervisory role, the wines are now made by Luc, with the majority hand harvested, whilst Sales are handled by Francoise.

Les Collines is the entry level wine, made with a blend of Grenache Noir, Syrah, Carrignan and a little Mourvédre, aged in concrete vats, it displays a wonderful ruby robe, uncharacteristically for a Faugères it’s almost light and delicate in colour. On the nose, classic Faugères, Garrigue notes all blending gracefully with sunshine and red fruits. A quick slurp reveals a gentle prickle of acidity, dark fruits and spice, interestingly all without the usual weighty finish, it’s almost characteristic of a Beaujolais in terms of freshness and balance. Pairing excellently with grilled lamb or even lightly chilled as an aperitif, certainly one for the coming summer season!


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