Fleurie – Appellation Fleurie Controlee – Lucien Lardy – 2014

100% Gamay Noir

This weekend past was a weekend of celebration, perfect for a quick slurp. A weekend packed with food, friends, and wine, the highlight of which was this wine produced by Lucien Lardy.

Lucien Lardy produces wines which are sympathetic to the environment, and characteristic of the quality that can be achieved with a passion and belief.

Fleurie forms the Appellation Fleurie Controlee, which is an area of the northern Rhone, and makes up the larger Appellation of Burgundy. Beaujolais, one of the most famous wine producing regions in France, stretching 34 miles (55km) from the granite hills south of Macon, the southern end of Burgundy, to the flatter land north west of Lyon. The French actually consider the marriage between grape and ground in this area, mystical. The terroir consisting of sandy clay over granite produces fresh and fruity wines which are unique to the area. Beaujolais is fortunate in also being famous for the proximity to the famous foodie areas of France, to the south lie the famous bouchons of Lyon, closer to the north lies the Chickens of Bresse. Therefore, it’s not hard to see that this wine predominantly made using the low Tannin, thin skinned Gamay grape is an ideal partner to a gastronomic feast.

On the nose this wine is fresh and vivid, with notes of red fruit. On the palette this wine is light, well balanced and offers a refreshing yet short finish. There are swathes of enticing red fruit, floral notes and a mineral finish which only serves to draw you back for another taste. It’s really not hard to see why the French describe the wines of Beaujolais as “Gouleyant” in the way they slip so easily down.

The wines of Beaujolais have come a long way since the terrible days of mass produced low quality Beaujolais Nouveau.

Pairing wonderfully with food, the lighter meats, pork, chicken and fish simply love this wine. The acidity allowing it to sing with richer dishes making this an ideal choice for food and friends. Bon Santé!

Available from: –

Genesis Wines – www.genesiswines.con




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