Something for the Weekend !

Picpoul De Pinet AOP 12.5% Tesco Languedoc-Roussillon

Les Costieres de Pomerols – Picpoul 2015

The area around the Bassin de Thau in Languedoc has been a unique and small area for grape cultivation for centuries. The Picpoul grape is grown here in conditions that are perfect.  The inland lake fed by the Med, links the 8 kilometer stretch of water known as the Bassin de Thau that runs between the ancient ports of Agde and Sete on the Mediterranean coast below Montpellier.  The area surrounding the bassin is a paradise for lovers of lively crisp zesty fresh wines and the famous Oysters farmed in the basin. The Azure blue skies, the grapes fanned by the salty air of the Mediterranean, all the conditions combine to produce a wine that is perhaps the most crisp refreshing and affordable treat to be had this Easter.

This particular example is available in the Tesco finest range, it’s a bargain at £6.00 a bottle and pairs amazingly with shellfish and sea food. (See Oyster Gratinee recipe)

Pale and delicate on the eye, fresh Citrus and the faintest whiff of the ocean on the nose, a fresh citrus bite, with hints of both pear and apple, crisp and mouth-watering.

Perfect for just a quick slurp, or to lingered over with a plate full of fresh Oysters. A beautiful example of the wines enjoyed in the area by the locals with Fruit De Mer, La Vie Parfait!

Bon Weekend!

Picpoul .jpg




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