La Beau Dame en Rouge

Domaine Balliccioni – Kalliste 2013 – AOP Faugères – Clifton Cellars Bristol – Grape Opportunities

Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Cinsault.

Domaine Balliccioni features quite heavily in my reviews over the last couple of weeks. I simply cannot sing the praises of this winemaker enough. Kalliste is the premier wine produced by Domain Balliccioni, and like his other “High End” wines it’s a triumph in complexity. Named after the ship that discovered Corsica, originally where Andre hails from, and meaning the “beautiful one” Kalliste is certainly a beautiful wine.

Kalliste is a Faugères and uses four varieties of the permitted five grapes to create this wine. Interestingly Carrignan, Syrah and Cinsault are used this time. The Syrah producing a spiciness, the Carignan, very popular in this area imparts an earthiness, and the Cinsault gives a wonderful fruity edge. Kalliste is blended from the four varieties after being aged for 14 months in French oak barrels.

Domaine Balliccioni is fortunate to be able to produce wines in the shade of the Cévennes and as has been mentioned in other reviews, has a proximity which allows the cooling sea breeze to fan the vines during the hotter months. This is very evident when tasting all of the range but most notably here. What could easily become an “overcooked” jam like experience is far from it. The freshness of the Grenache and the spice of the Syrah, with hints of the garrigue and vanilla are immediately evident on the nose. On the palate this translates to a well-balanced wine – which although has an alcohol percentage of 14% and is oak aged is incredibly well integrated. There are notes of Ginger, Blackcurrant and Vanilla, with a wonderful spicy finish which lasts. This wine is simply a very elegant creation.

Paired well with red meats, casserole, game and cheese, and most notably is excellent with Indian Cuisine.

Kalliste is recognised in the Hachette Des Vins – France’s premier wine bible and was awarded 2 stars.


Available in limited quantity

Please contact Clifton Cellars – details below to purchase a bottle.


Clifton Cellars

22 The Mall,


Avon BS8 4DS

0117 973 0287





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