Flinty White

Guy Saget – Pouilly-Fumé – Appellation Pouilly-Fumé Controlee – Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Waitrose £12.99

Pouilly-Fumé produces arguably the best example of Sauvignon Blanc in the world, with the exception perhaps of its neighbour to the west of the river Loire, Sancerre. The wines from this region of the Loire are aromatic and complex, crisp with notes of Pierre a Fusil – or gun flint. The vines of the region were first planted by Benedictine monks on the limestone and clay hills on the upper reaches of the Loire, blessed with a micro climate the wines produced here are famous and easily identified in France.

Wines wanting to be part of this appelation must contain only Sauvignon Blanc and must come from the town Pouilly-sur-Loire.

Initially the appearance is a pale almost off white colour, enticing and clear. On the nose there are strong notes of blackcurrant leaf and freshly cut grass. On the pallet there is green apple and gooseberry, with the characteristic crisp freshness, followed by the flint/mineral finish which is surprisingly long.

This wine is a great example, sadly many are not up to the challenge and simply carry the name. This I am pleased to say is not one of them. Perfect as an aperitif and excellent with goat’s cheese, fish, or mushroom based dishes. A true treat, and certainly one to stock up on for the long summer evenings. Bon Santé!


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