A Kiss from A Rosé

Grenache, Cinsaut – Appelation Languedoc protégée -Waitrose

Just occasionally in England the weather catches you by surprise, the early onset of warmth the merest glimpse of a strange bright light in the sky. Usually resulting in the hasty erection of BBQ’s the waft of grilled meats in the air, the sound of leather on willow, and the echo in the evening air of joviality. These are all sounds of summer, something that could last a few days or a few months, it really is in the lap of the Gods!

Rosé wines can all too often be a little like the weather in England, unpredictable and far too wet and pale, thankfully this little offering from Sophie Valrose, a winemaker from Cabrières, a small village situated in the Sud De France which is developing quite a reputation for winecraft, is strangely reminiscent of the weather in the Languedoc. Usually beautifully sunny and warm with a fresh kiss of fruit in the air.

Bijou – which translates as a “Kiss” – is exactly what you receive, a beautiful slap on the lips with a perfume of lush red fruit and sweetness. The nose is strawberry, with summer scents of the Garrigue. On the pallet there is a refreshing acidity which is balanced yet enticing, a medium dry finish with a lasting fruitiness keeps you coming back for more.

Once again the Sud de France is proving that it’s wines are special, the 2015 cuvee is arguable the best in the last 5 years, the summer heat really allowing the grapes to capture the sunshine and the terroir at its very best.

If you are looking for a Rosé to sip with friends, or simply to celebrate the sunshine then look no further – this is the one to go for, ditch you’re usual Provencal or Chilean offerings and go Sud de France!

Bon Weekend !







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