And now for something completely different…

Domaine Ferrandiere – Etang De Marseillette – Aigues Vives- Pays D’OC – IGP 2014 – Majestic.

100% Riesling

Wines made using unusual grape varieties are gaining popularity, grapes which are not usually found in an area can produce interesting and exciting results. The marriage of grapes and new terroir is a skill that is not to be taken lightly, certain varieties flourish others fail.

Domaine Ferrandiere is just one of the many producers in Languedoc trying new things,

The Riesling grape, originally from the Rhine Valley in Germany is usually associated with cooler climates, noted for its often dry finish and high acidity with notes of apple or tree flower, this grape has taken root in a quiet corner of South West France.

Domaine Ferrandiere is situated between the regions of Corbières and Minervois, and having been established since 1922 produces wines of notable freshness and distinction. The unique geography of the Domaine, which is situated on an old salt water lagoon and the cool terroir between the Montagne Noir and the foothills of the Pyrenees allows the production of both Pinot Noir and Riesling, both usually more at home in the cooler northern regions.

The results are interesting, on the nose there is citrus fruits and blossom, and a definite minerality present. A quick slurp reveals an underlying citrus flavour with a refreshing zing of acidity. There is a gentle balance between the acidity and although there is a short finish the flavours are clean and fresh. This wine is perfect as a quaffing wine, uncomplicated and delivering something unusual and delicate. It pairs very well with shellfish, and is excellent with Tzatziki offering the perfect counterpoint between the creaminess of the yoghurt and the coolness of the cucumber. Suited to the hotter summer evenings – Cheers!




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