Supermarket Sweep!

Paul Mas – Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc – Pays D’oc – IGP- 2015 – Waitrose £5.99

St Joseph – 100% Syrah – Appelation St Joseph Protégée – 2012 – Waitrose £9.99

With Easter fast approaching I was looking for something a little special, something affordable and also quaffable.

As readers of this blog will know I’m lucky that I don’t often venture into supermarkets for my wine fix. However, I could not resist these two little gems.

Paul Mas is a large scale producer based in the Languedoc, just outside of Pezenas in Herault. Paul Mas wines tend to be a safe bet if you want consistency and taste, they are representative of the area and offer the novice a great introduction to wines of the Sud France.

The Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc is no exception, delicate and clear to the eye, with notes of apricot and gooseberry on the pallet, complex and lively, whilst retaining a delicate balance of acidity and freshness. This is really a great wine for pairing with white meats, particularly chicken or fish. Perfect for Good Friday – stock up now as it’s on special offer.


St Joseph is a wine from the Northern Rhone, and what a great example of what can be achieved with 100% Syrah. I am a big fan of the Syrah grape, often overlooked in terms of what can be achieved if used correctly. The producer Saint Desirat, has achieved something very special here. Beautiful robes of ruby to the eye, a delicate hint of vanilla, thanks to the oak ageing, a hint of minerality, and a complex bouquet. On the pallet it’s elegant, well structured, with gentle spice and vanilla notes creating a beautiful balance, a hint of graphite and long finish, this wine is bursting with ripe fruit flavors.

St Joseph pairs excellently with roasts, casseroles, and red meats and cheese, to be honest I would be happy drinking both of these wines on their own as well as with food.

I highly recommend this wine and suggest getting some while you can, Decanter awarded this a silver medal and it’s really not hard to see why, available at the time of press on special offer down from £15.99

Happy Easter – Time for a Quick Slurp!







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