Pizza Perfect

If you are a reader of this blog you will be aware of my passion for the wines of Mas Sibert. Simon and Sara produce approx. 7000 bottles and farm 2 hectares in the region surrounding Herault In Languedoc.

What makes this small domaine so special is the passion and love with which wines are made. The wines are all biodynamic and are produced using grape varieties which are not endemic to the region and also are not recognised in the make-up of local appellations – in this case Faugeres or Coteaux Du Languedoc.

On this typically Azure blue Languedoc day I was invited to experience the first of the years Pizza Sundays. Not only is Simon an avid winemaker, he also believes in a life of natural and homemade produce, therefore after building his own Pizza oven he decided to invite groups to sample wines and enjoy wood fired homemade pizzas, all cooked and prepared by him and partner Sara.

Mas Sibert as mentioned produce a number of wines, however for this review I will concentrate on what I consider to be the best Representation of Rose currently available in the Languedoc…yes it’s a big statement, but please bear with.

This rose is a blend of Sangiovese, and Syrah, it’s got a raspberry colour and sparkles with an almost luminescent quality, inviting you to sample its beauty. There is an abundance of raspberry and strawberry on the nose, and a quick slurp reveals a punchy well balanced and fruity experience. There is strawberry and raspberry on the pallet also, with a sharp bite of fruitiness on the follow through, with delicate hint of sweet ripe cherry on the finish. There is a balanced acidity and a mouth-watering finish.

Simply put – this is a triumph, there are winemakers in Languedoc producing wines outside the appellation at present and all are making interesting wines, however Mas Sibert continues to amaze me with his sheer passion and belief. Please do not hesitate to contact them and sample not only the best Rose but also the best Pizza I have ever had….



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