Virgil’s Vineyard

Virgil Joly has established quite a name for himself in the Languedoc, from humble beginnings to head of the St Saturnin appellation, he also featured in a book written on the region by resident Peter Moon. Virgil now spends his time producing wines which are all 100% bio. They range from excellent to exceptional, he prides himself on producing wines with a high concentration of flavour. Wines that are made from Vines with a low yield, in some cases 50 years old.The highlights of the tasting included the Saturne Rose – the Saturne White and the Saturne Red – all of which displayed exceptionally refined flavours, the Rose and the White displayed a freshness that is often not found in this area of the region.

First Year of production – Grenache and Cinsault.

Beautiful bouquets of red fruits in the Rose and robes of crimson give this a unique colour which can only be described as blood. There is a med/long finish, a punch of red fruit and red berry give this a great bite of acidity, once again this is a well-balanced wine with an excellent finish.

Saturne – White 2012 A.O.C.  COTEAUX du LANGUEDOC

100% Grenache – aged 8 months in steel tanks

The white displays a pale straw like appearance, the freshness of the garrigue with notes of citron and apple are present, a med finish and a mouth-watering bite of citrus give a refreshing balance to the finish. There is a crisp acidity but it’s equally well balanced with an almost creaminess at the end.

Saturne – Red 2010 A.O.C.  COTEAUX du LANGUEDOC – Saint Saturnin

Old Vine Grenache, Syrah and Carignan

The red is a complex number indeed, there are notes of red fruit, a small hint of thyme and notes of leather. The robes display a beautiful cherry red with a rare clarity to the eye. There is a long finish with notes of spice and cherry, this wine has a long finish and the tannins and the acidity are harmonious. There is a gentle finish with an almost velvet like length. This wine is excellent and is an excellent example of what can be achieved in this appelation.

Virgil believes in producing wines which are representative of the terroir of the area, St Saturnin is in fact on the Terasses De Larzac but benefits from its own appellation. Virgil Joly is not only a passionate wine maker but in some sense a visionary, he began with very little – renting packets of vines and begging and borrowing to bring his dream to life. I am very happy to report that these wines are exceptional, the passion and the love Virgil has for his wines is present in the final product. If you are in any doubt, then if you can pop into the Cave for a tasting or read the story – Virgil’s Vineyard is available from Amazon written by Peter Moon.

IMG_2081-Domaine Virgile Joly

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