Fringe Benefits

Domaine Raymond Roque – Nature Faugères 2012 – 13% – POA- Grape Opportunities

Faugères is something of a passion of mine, responsible in part for this blog, and for my fascination with wine and it’s many styles. J’Adore! – Faugères like many regions has great diversity, some producers have low level vineyards, some have altitude, some carbonically macerate some don’t, one thing is certainly true however, it’s impossible to find one the same. Each has its own terroir, its own character, its own style, and its own story.

Domaine Raymond Roque is situated in the small village of Cabrerolles at the foot of the Pic de la Coquillade. With an altitude of 500 metres and at the appellations northerly fringes, this little village benefits from a near perfect microclimate.

Marc Roque, fifth generation winemaker, continues a tradition that began in 1874. Each generation gaining further recognition for the unique wines which are produced here. There is passion and style in the wines, and something unique, something natural. Marc was amongst the first Vingnerons in Faugères to achieve organic status in 1999, and with 30 hectares, all in Cabrerolles, manages to deliver blends of local grape varieties that retain the character and terroir so beloved of the area.

Nature, is something special a blend of Grenache noir and Carignan and made with no sulphur, it packs heady garrigue scent, black fruits, cherry and a touch of spice on the nose. This wine draws you in with a lure of spring freshness, for sure there is an intensity to the nose, and a deep ruby red to the eye. But what really sets this apart is how delicate the wine is on the pallet. There is a perfect balance between alcohol and acid, giving a fresh burst of Morello cherries, layered with blackberry and thyme. There are hints of spice and a gentle warmth, without being overcooked or jammy. The finish is medium and leaves a wonderful flash of acidity on the pallet. This wine will pair wonderfully with lamb or the local Merguez sausage, and if you can wait will age for another 2-3 years and only get better.

Nature, takes the best elements of Faugères and expresses them in a way which allows all the flavours and unique terroir to blend equally, once again highlighting the talent of winemakers in this area and their ability to move with the times. Gone are the days of over extracted wines lacking finesse and character… Did I mention I love Faugères? Bon Santé!  


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