Summertime Part 1 – Allez Les Blanc

As the sun rises high in to the sky, the evenings grow long and the temperature soars, what could be better than Just a Quick Slurp? Thankfully this summer seems to be one of the best in memory, and although we British are obsessed with the weather, it seems perfect to gather alfresco and pop a cork or two. Luckily in the interest of staying hydrated and of course research, I have picked out a few gems with which to arm yourself for when those evenings demand something refreshing and chilled – Bon Santé!

Domaine La Madura – Picpoul/Sauvignon- £12.50 – Exclusive to Grape Opportunities –

This wine is a real summer winner, made from hand-picked, eco-friendly grapes grown in the unique Terroir around St Chinian in SW France. This is a bold reinvention of the Classic Picpoul, there is a wonderful nose of citrus and green apple, on the palate it’s fresh zippy and has a moreish length. This wine displays both poise balance and an unusual complexity, truly spectacular.  This is perfect as an aperitif but will pair wonderfully with goat’s cheese or fish. Limited production – Get It while you can.

Domaine Balliccioni – Leon Blanc -£11.25- Grape Opportunities, Clifton Cellars (Bristol) –

Chardonnay gets a rough ride, often overlooked as unfashionable and forgotten, however this little offering from one of the masters of Faugeres breathes new life into an old friend. This chardonnay is steel tank matured to retain the freshness, with a nose of citrus fruit and melon. On the tongue, the classic wonderful crisp freshness of Chardonnay coupled with notes of lemon and peach. A wonderful balance of acidity and length leave you wanting more. Say Hello to an Old Friend.

Mas Peyrolle – Nativo -£17.25- Exclusive to Grape Opportunities –

Pic St Loup is well known in the wine trade for it’s wonderful wines. Mas Peyrolle, a young winemaker with a big reputation has expanded his range with this offering, a blend of Marsanne, Rousanne, and Vermentino (Rolle) Thanks to the microclimate and Terroir this wine retains a nose of freshness, with the gentle perfume of green apple, stone fruit and lime flower. In the mouth it’s delicate and clean with the gentle citrus note and hints of wild herbs and floral notes. This is a nice wine to enjoy on its own or with a fresh Pelardon of goat’s cheese.

 Doamine Gaujal – Peuch De Claude – AOP Picpoul -£10.30- Exclusive to Grape Opportunities –

Domaine Gaujal produces the Classic example of Picpoul, situated in the small Village of Pinet, on the edge of the Etang. This wine is a true classic in every way. Bursting with Citrus notes and the merest hint of elderflower, on the palate there is razor sharp acidity a wonderful citrus bite, this wine is clean fresh and focussed, balanced with a wonderful hint of the sea. Oysters and the freshest of seafood will make this wine sing.

To become a stockist or to enquire about availability please email or call 07733 232 276.




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