It came from the Stars !

Domaine Meteore – Faugeres- Lyonides 2014- Appellation Faugeres Controlee

Roussanne, Marsanne, Rolle (Vermentino) 14%

Domaine Meteore is situated in the Faugeres Appellation but is unique in its position, it sits 500m above sea level and the vines are farmed in the crater of a Meteor – Hence the name. All the wines produced here are excellent, and the best will feature here soon.

Lyonides, named after the meteor shower, is made up of a blend of grapes historically found in the Southern Rhone. In recent years they have migrated further south to Languedoc where Vingerons are producing increasingly refined wines using them.

This wine is no exception to the eye it has a pale straw colour, on the nose it’s Clean and fresh, with notes of pear and apple. On the Palette there is a definite citrus zing, however it’s not too sharp remaining supple yet well balanced in acidity, and amazingly for a wine of 14% it’s incredibly well integrated. There is no oak, and there is no contact with Lees, this wine is pure and fresh and representative of the passion and diversity of this area. It’s also interestingly a Bio-dynamic wine – awarded the AB badge.

It will age, however drinking now is probably advisable, especially if you pair it with chicken dishes, grilled fish, goats cheese or even with a personal favourite Oyster Gratinee.

This wine was tasted under the Fruit Cycle of the Bio-dynamic Calendar.




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