Cité de Carcassonne

Domaine St Martin – Cité de Carcassonne – IGP – 2014- Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon – 13.5%

The Languedoc in the the South West of France, is a veritable treasure trove of historic ruins, some have been preserved in order to tell their tales today, others have been left to return to the earth from which they came.  Perhaps the most famous is the Cite of Carcassonne, an enormous walled medieval city. Historically this was the one of the last hiding places of the fabled Cathars.

Situated approximately an hour west from Beziers it’s a magnificent site, the tall turrets giving a hint of the Labyrinth of alleyways and the wealth and power this enormous fortress would have commanded.

Domain St Martin, named after the famous Bishop of Tours of the 4th century, it is rumored he visited this former farm and donated gold pieces to the owners. It’s also noted that the former farm was owned by the Viscounts of Carcassonne, presumably the farm supplied local produce, and wines to the owners.

Today Domaine St Martin produces examples of wines of the region, in this case the Cité de Carcassonne, named due to its proximity to the walled city, and the appellation which it resides in.

This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, lovingly created using sustainable farming methods and showcasing the terroir of the area.

To the eye this is a clear, ruby colour, with moderate legs. On the nose this wine is pronounced with slight vegetal notes, spice and vanilla are present suggesting contact with oak, there are the unmistakable hints of Morello cherry and Dark fruits, bordering on jammy. This has a fresh note hinting that there is still room for development.

In the mouth this wine is off dry with medium acidity and medium/high tannin, there is a medium to high level of alcohol, but it’s integrated well. This is a full bodied wine and the notes of dark fruit and spice are still present, however what was a jammy nose becomes a fresher note on the pallet with a hint at blackberry and Cherry. There are still notes of vegetal manifesting as an almost leafy note. This wine has a medium finish, and can be drunk now, but has potential for further development.

Pairing excellently with pork dishes and big flavours this is a nice wine for the weekend. Perfect with The Côtes de Charcuterie recipe on this site and very good as a representation of the wines found under the pays de Cité de Carcassonne appellation.



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