Hungry like the Wolf !

Esprit 2013 – Mas Peyrolle – AOC Pic St Loup – Grape Opportunities – Clifton Cellars 

41% Grenache, 31% Syrah 28% Mourvedre

The Wines of Pic St Loup (Wolf Mountain) are regarded very highly in France, situated approx. 20 miles from Montpellier in the rugged terrain of the Cevennes the Appellation of Pic St Loup is regarded as an excellent source of wine production within Languedoc. It boasts a unique micro-climate and terroir, resulting in wines that offer a wonderful unique structure and exciting taste.

Jean Baptiste took the helm of this third generation domain in 2002, taking over the reins from his father and grandfather. Jean Baptiste farms 30 acres of vines using organic and biodynamic methods. He is careful to ensure that science and extensive knowledge of the terroir are employed alongside to ensure the best results.

Passionate about producing wines of an excellent standard it’s clear to see the passion runs deep in this small domain.

Esprit is a wine that oozes class, produced as a homage to Jean Baptiste’s grandfather the colour is a deep ruby red with swathes of purple evident. The bouquet is representative of the area, with wild thyme, dark fruits, juniper and spice present.

On the palette this wine is special, rounded and deep in character, the flavours of Morello cherry and the warmth of the spicy Syrah give way to a velvety long finish. This wine could be kept for up to 5-7 years, and will continue to improve and develop. It’s perfect now and is something to be savoured with red meats or slow cooked dishes.




Jean-Baptiste Peyrolle
pic st loup
Pic St Loup

espirit red



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