Jocunditas !

Gigondas 2014 Domaine Carobelle – Majestic


Gigondas is an appellation situated in the Southern Rhone, it’s the petit frère of the famous Chateau Neuf Du Pape. Gigondas is of Roman origin. Jocunditas meaning great pleasure and enjoyment in Latin

It’s therefore no surprise that this wine delivers exactly that. The producer, Domaine Carobelle uses vines which are 50 years old and grow at an altitude of between 300 and 500 metres.

This results in a wine that is wonderfully rich yet fresh. on the nose the almost sharp twang of blackberry is evident, as is the gentle spicy warmth created by the Syrah. On the palette, there is plum notes and spice but still the refreshing blackberry. The Grenache mellows this to allow for a wine that is both rounded and supple.

This is a wonderful example of a wine that can be stored and will get better with age, yet is quite excellent and drinkable now. Paired wonderfully with Casseroles and big flavours.

The wines of Gigondas are excellent value for money and are a great alternative to the CNP’s next door.

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