A Round Of Applause!

L’Espirit Terroir “La Clape” Château Rouquette-sur-Mer 2014- AOP  Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre, Carignan – The Wine Society £9.95

Le Clape is an area in Languedoc South West France – its name coming from the Occitan “Clapas” meaning pile of stones.

Le Clape is gaining recognition, as it not only produces many of the local Languedoc staples, such as Mourvèdre, and Syrah but benefits from a climate which allows the grapes to ripen at a slower and steady rate.

Château Rouquette Sur Mer is a fourth generation family-owned Vineyard, practically overlooking the sea. Perched on the Massif De La Clape and facing South, the vineyards are fanned gently by the maritime breezes of the med.

Jacques Boscary is the head of the family and it’s he and his wife and sons that are tasked with crafting this wonderful Cuvée – L’Espirit Terroir.

Producing wines using minimal interference from pesticides and nasty’s, Jacques Boscary and his family are sympathetic to the natural ways of production and wherever possible continue to produce wines using these methods.

To the eye this Cuvée is a rich ruby colour, the nose is fresh with hints of wild garrigue and dark fruits. On the pallet there are hints of Cherry and spice, a delicate waft of salinity and the most gentle note of nutmeg. The tannins are integrated and the acidity is balanced. There is also the trademark freshness present on the finish.

This wine is a great match for Pork and grilled meats, pairing particularly well with mushroom or cream sauces, and singing when paired with Comtè or Gruyerre this is a wine to savour and enjoy!




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